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Woman in a half zip white hoodie lying down on a printed purple yoga mat has her arm around a spotted black and white puppy. She is looking off to the left while the puppy is about to kiss the woman's cheek. In the background, another woman is kneeling on a yoga mat smiling widely.
A low-angle view of a woman lying down on a pink yoga mat with a french bulldog puppy coming up to her while she is laying down facing upwards. The woman is in midlife and is holding the puppy's body with two of her hands as the puppy attempts to step over her neck. In the background are other laughing attendees who are also lying down face-up in similar poses of mid-laughter and delight during a puppy yoga & bubbly event.

Puppy yoga makes everything better.

Top Rated Puppy Events in North America


A slightly desaturated image of a woman wearing a matching purple sports bra and legging while seated on a teal yoga mat. In her arms she is holding a husky puppy cradled to the left side of her body. She is smiling directly at the camera. In the background is another woman seated on the ground. Image was taken during a puppy yoga event - a bestselling wellness experience.

Puppy Yoga & Bubbly

Meet our bestselling wellness experience. This endorphin and Insta-worthy experience includes a flow yoga class with puppies and bottomless mimosas.

Having hosted over 30,000 people since September '21, you can trust that your group is in good hands.

From left - a blurry person in a hoody about to receive a held beagle puppy that Francesca, one of the co-founders of the puppysphere and Doggos, is passing to the unknown person.

Corporate Events

Puppysphere makes it possible to create meaningful connections with customers through heartwarming wellness experiences.

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