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Image of the Doggos team seated across a couch and hardwood floors at the Doggos Toronto office. In various people's arms are the team's dogs. Some team members are in mid-celebratory pose.
Puppysphere Logo in Black and White

We believe making cities more dog friendly through puppy-centric experiences. From wellness events to dog friendly office days, we focus on bringing the unconditional love of puppies around the world.

Having hosted over 15,000 people at our events since September '21, you can trust that your group is in good hands.

A close up image of a pomsky puppy with it's head leaning against what appears to be a white chair.

Feel the love.

We should be a little more like dogs: naturally present, joyful and full of love. At Puppysphere, we believe that spending time around puppies is truly a therapeutic experience.

Barbie x Puppysphere Puppy Yoga Event. Women in yoga studio wearing all pink doing yoga poses on hot pink Barbie X Doggos branded yoga mats

Our Locations

Toronto, ON

80 Sherbourne St #101

Williamsburg, NY

75 Stewart Ave, #204, Brooklyn

Manhattan, NY

833 Broadway, 4th floor, Manhattan

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