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three women sitting on a brown couch with large French-windows and white brick in the background. In their hands are tiny puppies that they're holding in their arms. At the bottom left is a set of high-tea pastries as part of a private wellness event known as puppies and pastries - a private event planning service offered by the team at puppysphere.

Corporate Events

Uplifting bespoke events with puppies


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We create unforgettable experiences that promote relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding among your team. Puppies can make your event that much more special!

Puppy Event Menu

Not sure what style of puppy event you'd like to host? Choose from our 4 curated puppy party experiences.

Francesca, co-founder of Doggos and Puppysphere is passing a beagle puppy to another person standing across from her.

1. Puppy Social

Destress and impress with our heartwarming puppy socials! Our puppies are ready to be cuddled and loved by your guests, while our team ensures everyone has a great time.

Barbie x Puppysphere Puppy Yoga Event. Women in yoga studio wearing all pink doing yoga poses on hot pink Barbie X Doggos branded yoga mats

2. Yoga & Bubbly

Relax with yoga and puppies at our 2-hour event! Enjoy a flow yoga session with our talented instructor while playing with adorable pups. Followed by a puppy social with complimentary mimosas.

Various women seated on a white couch holding a variety of puppies. In front of them is a tiered level of cakes and pastries that were offered as part of a private wellness function managed by the Doggos/Puppysphere team - a puppies and pastry event.

3. Pastries & Puppies

Enjoy delicious pastries, gourmet teas, coffee, and baked goods while mingling with adorable puppies.

Close-up of an egg white cocktail sitting on the bar. In the background is a bartender wearing a tie.

4. Cocktail Masterclass

Make cocktail hour unforgettable with our puppy-themed mixology class! A top-tier mixologist will share his expertise with the group while making a curated collection of 2-3 cocktails. All while an adorable litter of puppies roam the space.

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We create unforgettable experiences that promote relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding among your team. Connect with our sales team today!

Small white pomeranian lying down on hardwood floor between two Doggos-labelled yoga mats during a puppy yoga & bubbly class. In the background are a couple of women's cuddling other puppies.

Add-Ons & Event Customizations

Want something more customized for your office & corporate puppy party? We got you covered.

"Everything was awesome, the pups, the space, the yoga instructor, the champagne, and the entire lovely team made us feel so welcome. You guys are such an awesome group and we're grateful for the experience!"

– Jenna W. | Isaac Operations

...a huge thank you for helping organize the event!

Everyone loved the puppies, and it was a very successful event. Can't wait to plan the next one!

– Prachi G. | Deloitte