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A brown and white pomsky puppy is getting it's heart checked by a vet in blue.

Our Standards

Puppy Wellness - Your Peace of Mind Matters

Puppy Safety & Wellness

We are devoted to the wellbeing of puppies at our puppy yoga and puppy social events. Our main focus is ensuring the puppies are safe and leave feeling more confident.

Read through a few of the important measures we put into practice at our public and private puppy events.

Water & Food

Water bowls are always offered and the puppies are fed based on their breeder/rescues set schedule.

Sleep Time

Our events are designed so that the puppies get over 45 minutes of rest between classes.


Our studios are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with anti-bacterial products before, during and after classes.

Wellness Checks

We conduct wellness checks on puppies during and between classes to ensure the pups are genuinely enjoying the experience.

Where do the puppies come from?

We partner with local breeders and rescues to put on our puppy yoga and puppy social events. After each event, the puppies will return to their breeders' and rescues' nurturing environments, where they continue to thrive and receive the care they deserve.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Taking on the responsibility of owning a dog is a big decision! From the time commitment, financial responsibility, and lifestyle change - it is so important to thoughtfully consider if now is the right time.

Puppysphere events are not selling-based.

Contrary to existing Puppy Yoga companies, our events are not selling-based. We focus on puppy socialization which has incredible benefits to the pups. With gentle handling and exposure to plenty of new people and activities, it helps puppies build confidence and grow into happy adult dogs. Our experiences are a win/win, where the pups gain confidence socializing, and the humans get a lasting endorphin boost from all the puppy love.

A low angle of a woman bent down holding a beagle puppy up to her nose.
Our screening process thoughtfully takes into consideration various aspects of a breeding program, with a specific focus on four key areas:

The Right Age

Puppies must be over 8 weeks of age and a thorough veterinarian health exam must have been completed.

Proper Environment

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Owner Screening

The breeder must have a process for screening new families before purchase to ensure an ideal and long-term match.

Social Breeds

We ensure that that the breeds we work with are known to be friendly and comfortable interacting with both humans and dogs.