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Puppy Yoga & Bubbly

North America's favourite new wellness experience for dog lovers

The Puppysphere Experience.

We are known to host the most elevated puppy-yoga events in North America, so you can trust your group is in good hands. Puppy Yoga & Bubbly is an unforgettable wellness event that includes 45 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of chill time - all with a litter of adorable puppies.

Husky puppy laying in between a glass of mimosa and a bottle of champagne in between two yoga mats for a puppy yoga and bubbly class

Bottomless mimosas

Feeling bubbly? Choose from three delicious mimosa flavors, or non-alcoholic options.

Yoga Mats Provided

Keep your commute light - we offer complimentary yoga mats for your yoga class.

Three women in the middle of a seated yoga pose. The women in matching brown yoga set is holding a puppy in her arms during a puppy yoga and bubbly class.

Beginner Friendly

Our classes are designed for the beginner in mind! No previous experience required.

What is Puppy Yoga?

The most adorable yoga class you'll ever take. Puppy yoga is much like a typical yoga class but with the adorable addition of puppies roaming the studio. The puppies will play, cuddle, and mingle with you as they pass from mat to mat. Expect the unexpected as the puppies are looking to make friends (or rivals) with humans and litter mates.

We partner with local breeders and rescues to put on our puppy yoga and puppy social events. Learn more about our dedication to puppy care and wellness here.

Woman laughing hard while holding a sleeping puppy chow chow in her arms. The woman is kneeling on a printed purple yoga mat. In the background are various people in mid-flow during a puppy yoga & bubbly event featuring chow chows.

It's good for the puppies too

Did you know you're helping puppies socialize when you attend one of our our yoga classes? With gentle handling and exposure to plenty of new people and activities, it helps puppies build confidence and grow into happy adult dogs.