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9 Best Things to Do in Miami (with Photos)


Time to read 4 min

Miami, a vibrant city known for its stunning beaches and dynamic cultural scene, offers locals a plethora of engaging activities. Here's a curated list of the top 9 best things to do in this sunny paradise called Miami:

1. Hit Up Brickell and Explore Miami's Nightlife

What is it? Brickell is Miami’s financial district and hub for young professionals. Characterized by tall skyscrapers and a mix of business buildings, luxury hotels, and residential spaces, it’s not just a business center, but also Miami’s nightlife hotspot.  

Why go? Offering a blend of sophisticated rooftop bars, underground speakeasies, and lively nightclubs, Brickell is the place to go to if you’re looking to experience an upscale nightlife. The neighborhood is known for its rooftop bars with stunning city views, such as Sugar, as well as popular night spots like Blackbird Ordinary, and Komodo Lounge. 

Where is it?  South of Downtown Miami - Brickell, Miami

2. Ride A Bike Through Miami Beach

What is it? Is it a tourist attraction? Yes. But for locals it is still a must-visit? Yes - if you haven’t visited, Miami Beach is a must-go to experience the beautiful beaches, boutique shops, and it’s vibrant nightlife, particularly in the South Beach area. The best way to explore South Beach is on two wheels so we definitely recommend cycling along this famous area.

Why go? Miami Beach is most well known for its white, sandy beaches, turquoise waters and an over-the-top cultural scene. Yes - it has world famous beaches, but the location also encompasses some of the world’s most famous nightlife districts, world-renowned art galleries, second-to-none dining, designer shopping, and unique architectural style. Even as a local, it’s most definitely worth a visit to see what the world considers a gold standard for hospitality.

Where is it? The entire Miami Beach in Florida, but in particular South Beach.

3. Try The Newest Unique Wellness Experience - Puppy Yoga

What is it? A 75-min puppy yoga experience that includes flow yoga with playful puppies, followed by chill time with mimosas.

Why go? Help some puppies socialize in a safe and fun space so that they become well-mannered adult dogs in the future while enjoying some ultimate cuteness as a litter of puppies scramble, topple over, and snooze on your yoga mats! Puppy Yoga & Bubbly combines 3 amazing things into one amazing experience that not only focuses on the puppy’s wellness, but yours too! Get a great stretch in, cuddle some puppies, drink some mimosas, and feel amazing leaving the studio knowing you helped these upcoming puppies become well-socialized dogs of the future.

Where is it? Wynwood Miami - 2700 North Miami (Unit 908)

4. Explore Espanola Way: A Charming Slice of Mediterranean Magic in Miami Beach

What is it? Espanola Way, a historic street in South Beach, Miami, captures the charm of Mediterranean villages with its cobblestone streets and pastel-colored buildings.

Why go? Experience a break from the typical beach scene with a visit to Espanola Way. This vibrant street offers live music, diverse dining, unique shops, and cultural events, making it a must-see for an authentic and diverse Miami experience. 

Where is it? 401-499 Española Wy, Miami Beach

5. Revel in the Visual Masterpieces of Wynwood Walls

What is it? Learn about Miami’s incredible local art scene as you peruse the great works from Shepard Fairey, D*Face, Interesni Kaski, and more. Beside walking through the district, the area offers buggy tours, and a party bike bar crawl through the neighborhood to spice up your exploration experience.

Why go? Wynwood Walls is world renowned as one of the most incredible outdoor street art museums. But not only is it a visually stunning location too, the district is historically relevant too. This district is a hub for art lovers and those looking for a hip, urban atmosphere.

Where is it? Wynwood, Miami

6. Bask in the Beauty of the Vizacaya Museums & Gardens

What is it? A Renaissance-style mansion with beautiful gardens and European-inspired estate.

Why go? Love the Parisian-chic formal gardens outside of European-inspired estates but don’t want to fly all the way to Europe to visit them? Then the Vizacaya Museums & Gardens is always a great option. This Italian-French renaissance building dates back to the early 20th century and is an ideal date destination for architecture buffs, history fans, or really anyone who enjoys basking in beautiful landscapes.

Where is it? 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami

7. Up Your Foodie Taste Buds with a Food Tour in Miami’s Little Havana

What is it? Get a guided food tour to discover your next favorite meal in Little Havana. Calle Ocho, in the heart of Little Havana, is the best place to start your food tour and explore the music and cultural scene of all things Cuban.

Why go? The best Cuban flavors and American flavors are found and fused together into delicious morsels of food in the Little Havana district. Food tours are a great way to not only explore the neighbourhood, but to literally get a feel for the flavor of the neighborhood too!

Where is it? Little Havana, Miami

8. Live Your Best 80-Minute Pirate Dreams with a Pirate Ship Cruise

What is it? A 80-minute pirate boat tour on the El Loro, the only pirate ship you can board in and around Miami. The tour takes you on a tour around the Venetian Islands, Star Island, and offers stunning views of the Miami skyline.

Why go? Sip some of Miami’s finest sangria, rum, and take in some of Miami’s finest city skylines with a pirate-themed twist. The crew is all costumed, the ship is decked out in pirate-inspired decor, and usually live entertainment like face painting, marine life presentations and more will keep you entertained as you tour this family-friendly 90-minute cruise!

Where is it? 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

9. Watch Your Favorite Movie on a Rooftop

What is it? Rooftop venue with the ultimate open-air outdoor cinema experience.

Why go? Enjoy a night out on a Miami rooftop equipped with a large screen, comfortable loungers, and personal headphones. Whether you’re looking to watch the latest release in an Instagrammable-location, or you’re just looking to watch a cult classic, the Rooftop Cinema Club has it all. With snacks like hot dogs, and pizza, and drinks too - this is one truly memorable way to watch a movie!

Where is it? 1212 Lincoln Rd 6th Level, Miami Beach

And there you have it! The top 9 best things to do in Miami according to the staff here at Puppysphere! This list offers a great blend of cultural, recreational, and unique experiences that are popular among locals in Miami.