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20 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas | 2023


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Navigating corporate gifts and figuring out what to give to your employees and clients can be tricky. We’re here to help you select the ideal corporate gift. Whether you’re looking to impress your clients and make your brand stand out, or want to send an appreciative gift to your team, we’ve got 20 unique corporate gift ideas so that your employees, clients, partners, and coworkers will remember you forever! 

Popular Corporate Gifts for This Year

In 2023, we’re forecasting that the 4 most popular corporate gift categories are customized gifts tailor-made for the recipient, eco-conscious gifts, digital gifts and wellness and self-care gifts. So to start our gift countdown, here are a few of our absolute favorite choices if you’re really looking to wow your clients and coworkers with a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that goes beyond the standard branded notebook.

Puppysphere constantly updates this list, so be sure to bookmark this guide for updated ideas in the future.

1. The most memorable digital gift card - unique wellness gift with a puppy experience

Give the gift of the perfect wellness event. Enjoy 45 minutes of flow yoga surrounded by puppies and then 30 minutes of playtime with the puppies with unlimited mimosas in hand. The best part? Digital Puppy Yoga gift cards can be redeemed at any of the Puppysphere’s studio locations (Toronto, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami).

Corporations looking to purchase 50 gift cards or more can qualify for a group discount. Contact us for more information!

Woman attending a Puppy Yoga Experience class with corgi puppies on her yoga mat

2. Make your next corporate gift basket a personalized gourmet food experience

Check out Olive & Cocoa’s overflowing options of various food baskets for a personal gourmet food experience. Be sure to check out their monogrammed gifts section to really appeal to this year’s trend of customized, and personalized gifts to really stand out from the crowd! 

Tastes for Everyone - Olive & Cocoa Holiday Corporate Gift Basket

3. Say goodbye to musty smelling water forever with an eco-friendly self-cleaning water bottle

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of never washing your water bottle and living with that weird funky, dare we say, musty odor coming from our bottle caps. Give your employees or your clients the benefits of a self-cleaning water bottle that neutralizes up to 99.9999% of harmful, odor-causing bacteria using UV-C light with Larq. 

With LARQ’s corporate gifting program, you can include your company logo on their LARQ bottles or LARQ Pitchers.

Peach and white Larq water bottle against a yellow and blue backdrop

Corporate Employee Gift Ideas

If you work in an office, your coworkers are probably the people you spend most of the day with. Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work, camaraderie by giving them the right birthday or holiday gift! And we get it - sometimes buying gifts for our coworkers can feel even more challenging than buying gifts for our friends (how personal is too personal?)

If you’re looking to go beyond gifting, here are a few ideas that strike the perfect balance between professional and thoughtful.

4. Succulent Plants

Gift your employees a lovely, low-maintenance succulent that adds a touch of greenery to any workspace. Our pick would be succulent gifts offered by Lulu’s Garden. Not only can you choose the type of succulent, you can completely customize the packaging, gift message, and they offer the option to ship it directly to your recipients. A completely seamless experience that’s not just perfect for in-office colleagues, but remote workers too!

Best for: Adding a natural touch to your colleague’s work desk.


5. Timbuk2 Spire 2.0 backpack

The Timbuk2 Spire 2.0 backpack is a sleek and versatile bag perfect for offering a stylish and functional backpack for your colleague’s daily commute. With water resistance, space for a 17 inch laptop, and a boot aid bottom - this bag was made to fight the day to day elements. Even better? If you head on over to, you can add a logo or custom design to the front pocket too. 

Best for: Employees who appreciate a durable and stylish daily carry.

6. Fitness subscription

Nothing says you care about your employee’s work-life balance than the gift of health. We all know that moving regularly not only improves focus, but also leads to better mental health so consider giving a fitness membership to your employees so that they have steady access to a wide range of fitness classes at their fingertips. Whether you’re giving in-person classes with ClassPass, a digital subscription like Alo Moves, or even a Peloton subscription - your colleagues are sure to appreciate the gift that keeps on giving! 

Best for: Encouraging team members to stay active and healthy.

Alo Moves - Woman doing a yoga pose outdoors

7. Personal air purifier

Clean air will always be welcome in any environment! Especially so for city dwellers. We think that air purifiers as a gift hold so much potential and appreciation. Who wouldn’t love better indoor air quality?

Best for: promoting a healthy indoor workspace environment.

8. Bean Box Coffee

The majority of Americans drink tea or coffee every single day. A coffee subscription or deluxe coffee gift box from Bean Box can offer your employees and coworkers a delightful selection of gourmet coffee options to help start their day. Talk about a great treat for coffee enthusiasts!

Best for: Coffee lovers and enthusiasts on your team.

Bean Box coffee subscription example

9. Tech organizers

For the employees that are constantly on the go with their laptops, tablets, and phones, a tech pouch that keeps your gadgets and accessories easily accessible.

Best for: Keeping electronics accessories neat and organized. 

Bellroy Classic Pouch tech organizer - open bag example

10. Wellness kit

Give the gift of a curated wellness kit - whether it’s a curated spa gift set, a movie night care package, a mindful coloring gift set, and more. We particularly love the corporate gift sets offered by as they offer a curated collection of a variety of mindful, gratitude and wellness sets.

Best for: Encouraging self-care and well-being among your team.

Corporate Gifts for Clients

Whether you’re sending a gift out of common courtesy as a thank you, or you genuinely care about your continued partnership with the clients, finding the right corporate gift for your clients can be tricky.

What is the best gift for a client? Whether they’re a major or minor client, every client deserves to be thanked and appreciated for their patronage. The best corporate gifts are gifts that your clients will actually use and like. Here’s a round up of unique and useful or practical branded gifts that you can give to your clients!

10. A waterproof, floating bluetooth speaker

Portable bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, but what about a waterproof, and floatable Bluetooth speaker? Your clients can take your speaker to the pool, beach, boating, or at any water activity. Paired with a useful clip on carabiner, carrying it to and from places is as easy as just clipping it onto their backpacks. 

Best for: Clients who enjoy music during outdoor adventures.

Waterproof, bluetooth, portable speakers make a great corporate gift idea that

11. Pickleball set

Ride the pickleball wave and give the gift of a pickleball paddle! This rising trend is not only fun, social, and friendly, it’s a sport that can be easily picked up by players of all ages and skills! With so many pickleball-focused ventures and courts opening up all over, this is one perfect and relevant gift to give to your clients to let them know you’re thinking of them!

Create your own custom-branded pickleball set to really make a lasting impression!

Best for: Active, on-trend clients. 

custom branded pickleball sets make for an on-trend corporate gift to clients who are active and on-trend

12. Custom Apple AirTags

Helpful gifts are so underrated and so practical. So that’s why we think that giving the gift of something that can help clients track their belongings like custom-branded Apple AirTags, is the perfect corporate gift for clients that lets them know you genuinely care about them!. 

Best for: Offering a personalized and practical gift to your clients

Example of a custom-branded Apple AirTag - a very useful corporate gift idea!

13. Charity donation

Sometimes finding a well-intentioned gift to a client, especially a new client or someone you haven’t built a deep connection with can be hard. For these types of clients, showing you care can be as simple as asking your client for their preferred charity and making a donation in their name.

Best for: Clients who want to give back to their community. 

14. Power bank with wired and wireless charging

You know what’s always useful? Emergency battery for all our devices. Gift an extraordinarily long-lasting power bank with wired and wireless charging capabilities to your favorite clients.

Best for: Clients who are always on the go.

Corporate Holiday Gifts

Planning a gift for the holiday season and looking for something with an extra boost of cheer? Whether you’re looking for a more premium gift to raffle off at your next holiday party or you’re looking for extra cozy gifts this holiday season, here are a few gift ideas we think are amazing for the winter.

15. Plush blanket

Who doesn’t love receiving a cozy and plush blanket right in time for the cool winter holiday season? The comfort and warmth from a blanket makes it an ideal holiday gift. To make it extra personal, consider customizing the plush blanket with your logo in high quality embroidery or a custom gift box. 

Best for: People who love feeling cozy during the holiday season. 

Plush blankets from American Blanket Company

16. Choose your corporate gift

Let your colleagues, partners, and clients pick their own gifts this year! Take the guesswork, stress and anxiety of choosing the appropriate professional gift out and send a collection of corporate gift ideas to let them choose the perfect gift for themselves. 

Best for: Giving everyone the freedom to select their preferred gift.

17. Custom Igloo IMX 24 Quart 35-Can Cooler

Know people who drink regularly? Then this customized Igloo cooler is the perfect outdoor adventure and picnic accessory. This one keeps drinks extra cold and can keep the cold from ice for up to 4 days! 

Best for: People who enjoy multi-day outdoor activities and picnics.

Example of a customized Igloo cooler for 35 beer cans

18. Outdoor Puffy Blanket

What’s cozy, sustainable, and also perfect for the nature-loving outdoor enthusiasts? A recycled quilted puffy blanket! This packable, portable blanket perfect for cool car rides, hikes, and any outdoor adventure from Rumpl can also be customized with an embroidered logo or heat press logo on Clove and Twine

Best for: People who love staying warm and cozy during outdoor fall and winter activities. 

Custom Rumpl Blanket as a corporate gift from Clove and Twine

19. Surf & Turf Meal

For the gourmet and food enthusiasts, treat your colleagues or clients to a gourmet meal experience from Omaha Steaks. Their surf & turf meal comes with a curated selection of world-class lobster and the butcher’s cut of filet mignon. 

Best for: People who appreciate gourmet dining experiences.

Omaha Steaks surf and turf meal kit

20. Curated Sustainable Starter Kit

An eco-friendly gift option for the environmentally conscious. A curated sustainable starter kit has everything you need to create a sustainable kitchen cleaning process, school supplies, office supplies, and more! Added bonus? Choose a gift tag option with plantable seeds too and make everything eco-friendly, biodegradable, and with minimal waste!

Best for: People who are committed to sustainability and eco-conscious living. 

Curated sustainable starter kit from Good Earth Gifting as a corporate gift idea

The Best Corporate Gift at Puppysphere

The Puppysphere offers experiential and memorable experiences with puppies. We offer bespoke puppy experiences for your corporate needs. Whether you’re looking to give a memorable puppy yoga and bubbly experience to your clients or coworkers, or looking to give the gift of a memorable experience with puppies, we’re here to help you create an unforgettable event. 

Connect with our sales team for corporate discounts on gift cards, or to book a private event with puppies today.